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& 2020

2020 has been a momentous year for RAQ at Expo. With nine projects handed over, our team has executed some of the most complex projects of 2020.

EXPO & 2020

A bridge over a body of water

EXPO 2020 – DP World Pavilion

RAQ’s first Expo 2020 project and one of the largest legacy projects within the exhibition in Dubai. The project features nearly 10,000 square meters of built up area with a waterfall of nearly 4-floors.

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A close up of a flower garden in front of a building

EXPO 2020 – Malaysia Pavilion

A sustainability initiative where the entire project is carbon neutral. The project has an incredible floating design that sets the entire structure higher than the surrounding. The structure within is a maze where visitors would get immersed in the exhibit.

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The Ambassador of Malaysia talks about trade and how Expo 2020 would be revolutionary

Malaysia Press Conference 2021 – Recap

Let’s Rewind The Malaysian pavilion is nearing completion and is almost ready for its handover. The exhibition scope is being readied with everyone moving in high intensity. RAQ was invited by the Malaysian Authorities to give a brief on the

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