Brands for Less Shopping Center at Motor City

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Brands for Less Shopping Center at Motor City

Brands for Less Showroom
BFL Group Shopping Center

A shopping mall in motor city, unlike any other built by the group, was the architectural vision of the end-user. Since many of the buildings currently occupied by the group are leased, the architectural design rights to any of them do not belong to them.

They decided to use RAQ for a design and build project, where they wanted a building that looked like a container, and that would host all their brands.

Brands for Less Showroom

From the main road, the front elevation of the building is designed to have a drive under. The dark facade with striking yellow accents is designed to grab attention. And, is the brand colors of the BFL group.

The video below shows our design process up until the award. Visualizing column layouts and interior spacing was key for the client. Thus, showing them around via a video was key.

Aerial view of the process as of Jan 22 2022 on the BFL shopping mall in motor city

After a short 2 months in design, the contract being awarded on the 14 of October, we sit at this state. Our initial visualization and design process bolsters the decision-making process for when details need to be submitted to the authorities.


Brands for less construction progress as of 05 March 2022

Accelerated progress shows the state of the building, just 1 month from the building permit.