EXPO 2020 – Italy Pavilion

EXPO 2020 – Italy Pavilion

  • BUILT UP AREA 4,900 sq.m
  • YEAR
  • LOCATION Expo 2020, Dubai, UAE
  • CLIENT General Commissioners Office for Italy
  • CONSULTANT A2Z, Carlo Ratti, F&M And Italo Rota
  • Industry Type
  • IndustryBuildings
  • Project Status


RAQ’s second legacy pavilion at Expo 2020. This one of a kind, the unique pavilion features three nearly 55m inverted ship hulls over its roofline and 40mm ropes featuring integrated LED lighting technology.

Night-shot progress image of the Italy Pavilion

May 16, 2020 Update

Watch the Italian Pavilion Construction timelapse up until May 19th, 2020.