EXPO 2020 – Italy Pavilion

EXPO 2020 – Italy Pavilion

  • BUILT UP AREA 4,900 sq.m
  • YEAR
  • LOCATION Expo 2020, Dubai, UAE
  • CLIENT General Commissioners Office for Italy
  • CONSULTANT A2Z, Carlo Ratti, F&M And Italo Rota
  • Industry Type
  • IndustryExpo 2020


RAQ’s second legacy pavilion at Expo 2020. This one of a kind, the unique pavilion features three nearly 55m inverted ship hulls over its roofline and 40mm ropes featuring integrated LED lighting technology.

Night-shot progress image of the Italy Pavilion

Watch the Italian Pavilion Construction timelapse up until May 19th, 2020.

RAQ Italy Pavilion Belvedere Night Shot

Sky bridge to be hoisted between core walls 1 & 2  overlooking the completed Belvedere and La-Memoria structures

Belvedere exhibition structure plan on the Italy Pavilion

The Belvedere (overview) is a 12-meter diameter exhibit featuring intricate patters and LED walls showcasing the Italian Heritage.

RAQ - Italy Pavilion, Expo 2020 Skybridge Skywalk Erection

On 21 July 2020, RAQ undertook a herculean task of erecting a single 23 Metric Ton Skybridge for the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020

The perimeter of the Pavilion is bordered by
almost 70kilometres of nautical ropes, a tribute to
the Mediterranean culture of travel, which at night
turn into an interactive screen animated by luminous
LEDs. The ropes are made of recycled material,
plastic and pet; in keeping with the logic of circular
and sustainable architecture on which the design
of the Italian Pavilion is based, they can be reused
at the end of the Expo.