AVIV Specialty Clinic

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AVIV Specialty Clinic

Interior perspective views for DP World Specialty Clinic Ground Plus 2 Floors, in partnership with Dubai Healthcare City.
Interior perspective views for DP World Specialty Clinic Ground Plus 2 Floors, in partnership with Dubai Healthcare City.

The G+2 Specialty Clinic is a fast-track project delivered in partnership with Dubai Healthcare Authority and DP World, where the end-users are a company named Aviv.

The project features new-age medical procedures that are elective for the citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates.

Aviv focuses on brain performance and its specialty wings, offer the latest advancements in assessing, treating, and improving cognitive and physical performance:

1. Hyperbaric Wing with our state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen treatment suites

2. Neurocognitive Wing for cognitive evaluation and training

3. Physiological Wing for physiological assessment and therapy

4. Biological Imaging WingIncluding novel MRI protocols, Genome Mapping, and a Cellular lab

The entire project, from design to completion, spanned around 7 months. While this was a design and build project, the major concerns were existing services pre-built in JLT cluster F.

DMCC’s assistance on this project was paramount. With the help of Yaghmour and PMK, NOCs and authority (DMCC) requirements were smoothly handed over within a month of kick-off.


The design of the carpark was inspired by Etihad Bank in Jordan. This automated carpark helps visitors find parking in what is already a congested area of development.

The automated carpark was designed to house 130 vehicles. The approximate total tonnage of steel used; 230 tons.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Machines – 70 Tons each, 17m in length.

In November 2020, the HBOT machines were scheduled to arrive in UAE from its manufacturing facilities. RAQ with the help of DP World and Aviv documented the entire process from Port to Installation in a short video.

Appreciation letter from DP World thanking RAQ for a job well done

We take pride in what we do in RAQ. The letter below is a testament to our team’s success –

“Dear Rami/ Dear Ali,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank RAQ for its contribution to the
successful completion of our Aviv Clinic project at JLT, Dubai.

DP World is delighted by the quality of your services and fast track delivery you
performed. Your team has shown a great degree of reliability, proper planning,
coordination and quality workmanship, which has been a key factor to the Project’s
successful completion without delays.

This achievement is clear proof of your commitment to DPW and our partnership and
we look forward to future cooperation amongst our Companies.

Sincerely and on behalf of DPW Group Planning & Project Management Dept.”

Juan Carlos, Chief Project Planning and Development Officer, DP World
Dr. Amr El Sabban, Vice President, DP World