Wasl Residences – Karama

  • Landmark engineering consultants
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Wasl Residences – Karama

  • BUILT UP AREA 3,775 sq.m.
  • YEAR
  • LOCATION Al Karama
  • CLIENT Wasl Properties
  • CONSULTANT Landmark Engineering Consultants
  • Industry Type
  • IndustryBuildings
Al Wasl Properties, Asset Management - Karama
Wasl Properties Karama G+4 project, logistics challenges

With the infrastructure of the old parts of Dubai aging, massive developers like Wasl Properties is taking a fresh look at what’s available to redevelop.

While it’s encouraging looking at the landscape of Dubai evolving, projects like these that are built-in tight neighborhoods pose a challenge for contractors like RAQ.

RAQ’s first project with Wasl Properties, we were faced with immense logistical challenges to were having a tower crane on site was a difficulty.

Nevertheless, this project was handed on time. Take a look at our second project from Wasl Properties.