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Italy Pavilion - Expo 2020

Italy Pavilion - Expo 2020

Ropes length

70 kilometers (43,45 miles)

Recycled Plastic

2,000,000 Bottles


Expo 2020, Dubai


General Commissioner’s Office of Italy for EXPO 2020


Leisure & Tourism




Expo 2020


Pavilions & Exhibitions



Amazon build to suit (BTS), Fulfilment Centre for phase one is located in Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) which is a free zone dedicated to industrial processes. Spanning across 40 sq. km. ICAD is part of Musaffah, a popular industrial district located in the southwest of Abu Dhabi. The master development is one of the most important economic zones in the UAE housing several factories and a port.
Once soil has been improved and the plot leveled by another contractor, RAQ will begin the execution project for the Amazon fulfillment center. Client targeted time duration for the completion of “Build to Suit (BTS), Fulfilment Centre (FC) Phase 1 – “AUH1” project will be in 14 months (420 days).
The project has been directly commissioned by Amazon USA and is run with their standards.
As always, we plan our project in phases and divide areas in zones for easy deployment of resources.
Erection of steel starts of in Zone 2. We start the erection from the left; this is the absolution center of the entire building.

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